Formula 'P' Carpet Moth & Beetle Powder 300g

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Formula ‘P’ Carpet Moth & Beetle Powder is a highly effective insecticide for killing carpet moths and carpet beetles.

  • Powerful residual insecticide for the control of carpet moths and beetles
  • Kills all lifecycle stages of the carpet moth and beetle
  • Convenient puffer pack makes it easy-to-use
  • Double the size of the Rentokil Insectrol Powder!

Product Information

Formula ‘P’ Carpet Moth & Beetle Powder is a powerful insecticidal powder that kills all the lifecycle stages of the carpet moth and carpet beetle. It contains the active ingredient permethrin (0.5% w/w), a broad spectrum insecticide which is also effective against an extensive range of other crawling and flying insects. The powder is ideally suited for application to areas where a spray wouldn’t be suitable, such as areas in close proximity to electrical appliances and power sockets.

This 300g pack contains twice as much powder as Rentokil Insectrol!

Directions for use

Formula ‘P’ Powder should be applied evenly to carpets. A more liberal application should be applied to areas damaged by the moths, around the edges of the room and under furniture, as these are areas where eggs and larvae are likely to be developing. In high-traffic areas where the powder could be disturbed, or any areas accessible to children or pets, the powder should be left for approximately 30 minutes before being vacuumed up. In inaccessible areas the powder can be left for longer for more effective control. 


If the powder cannot be left down, treatment using Formula ‘P’ Powder should be followed with the use of our Pest Expert Formula 'C' Carpet Moth Spray to provide longer-lasting residual protection, and Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Fogger to fumigate the space being treated.